Prayer reaches from the heart of man
to the Heart of God.

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Giving honor to God: our Creator, Our Provider and Our Redeemer. We love the Lord, Our God with all our heart, all our soul and all our strength. We also "Love our neighbors as ourselves." We give honor to God's ministering angels, our spiritual guides, to our founder, Supreme Mother Mildred Davis Miller, to our late Supreme Father, Robert Dennis, to Master Malvin Davis of blessed memory, to our members, friends and to our web site guests.

We greet you with Hotep, Shalom, May Peace Abide in your life.

Prayer is a pleasing and powerful spirit talk that can effectively inspire our lives and direct our success. Spiritually minded prayer is a life giving, life empowering, life changing gift that is available to all by grace. This section is provided to help join with you in prayer for the Glory of God and for the good of all people.


Pull from our storehouse of short prayers. You may find help to sustain and maintain your power to live life to the fullest. Click on the Praying Hands below.


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Spiritual research has shown that your hands and body position can be an effective help in your prayers. To learn more about spiritual research on prayers click on the Praying Hands below.


Praying Hands


To send us a request to join you in prayer click on the praying hands below.


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