About the Spiritual Guidance Temple of Truth.

About Us

The Spiritual Guidance Temple of Truth is a Christian, non-denominational, multi-disciple religious center for the worship, study and practice of spiritually minded philosophies and principles. We are students of life who are seeking the treasures of existence that do not fade away and are not eaten by moths. We believe that the universe is established by God with orderly principles that are based on infinite possibilities.

Our History

The Temple of Truth began as the acts of benevolence and loving-kindness offered by Her Holiness of Blessed Memory Supreme Mother Mildred Davis Miller. From a child Mother Miller possessed an anointing from God that made her an instrument of inspiration, health and wisdom to neighbors, friends and family. In the early 1940s, Mother Miller pledged that instead of simply using her spiritual gifts to gain material wealth, she would share here philosophy and insights with others who sought to help raise the consciousness of fallen humanity.

She organized a group of her friends and family to form a Christian Benevolent Order. This Order incorporated as the Spiritual Guidance Society on September 16, 1942. Through the inspiration of the heavenly guides that led her to help hundreds of souls, Mother Miller began to organize a system of tools and keys that would assist others in developing their spiritual consciousness for the benefit of all humanity.

Mother Miller’s physical body died in 1984, yet her spirit left behind her a wealth of testimonies, lessons and philosophies to benefit the human race and the world we live in.