Walk in the Light of the Christ


Light. Think on the light. What does the light mean to you? Plead for understanding of the light. Light manifests love. Love rebukes jealousy, deceit and disobedience. It brings forth peace and joy. Look out. Don’t get connected up with unnecessary gossip. Listen how they express themselves. Judge not. Look into thyself and rise above the lower things in life. Don’t yield to temptation. Just remember everything that shines in not gold. Everyone that tries to guide you their way is not to be trusted. Meditate and think on the higher things of life. Please don’t cover up for one that believes in the wrong things in life. You know right from wrong. Don’t be careless with your money. Plan what you are going to do, and then help them through silent prayer. You know you have to help someone and they don’t know you are helping them. Create joy in your life.
Read: II Timothy 1st Chapter
Burn: Yellow Candles
Mixed incense
Use: Peppermint Oil
Clean with Floor Wash
REPEAT DAILY: I shall walk in the light of the Christ today.



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