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2011 Founder's Message From Archives

Rebuke Self-Pity: Let There Be Joy

Please don’t rob yourself of joy in life. Breathe out all revenge. You will say, I am not revengeful, but please, take time and pay attention to your secret thoughts and you will begin to learn you. Check those blessed feelings that come forth. The ones that cause you to not realize how blessed you are. Now rebuke self-pity. Search it and you also will find it. Let’s get in tune with self. Let’s clean house and get rid of those little things that so easily beset you, and cause you to fail. Don’t place the blame on no one. Search self. Don’t cover up lying. Face truth and reason. You need joy in your life in order to be healthy. Check up on your physical body. You know your thoughts register in your body and bring in all kinds of inharmony. So let’s pay attention. Use reason and don’t allow the actions of others cause you to fail. Cling to the higher things of life. Keep cold out of your body, and drink plenty of water. Get rest. Read the 91st Psalms. Burn purple candles. Burn purple incense. Use Rosemary oil.


REPEAT DAILY: “Let there be joy in my life today, Oh Lord.

Her Holiness Of Blessed Memory Mildred Davis Miller

2010 Founder's Message
From Archives

Calm Your Mind

Watch your mind. Don’t say I am confused. Remember, to speak is to create. Listen to your words. Pay attention to your inner thoughts. What are they telling you? Do you know the real meaning of “care?”A friend that cares is a blessing from God. Think on calmness. Through calmness comes understanding. Learn to attend to your business. Don’t miss your blessing by getting involved in the affairs of others. Pay attention to your body. Face facts and let trust take over in your life. Be careful how you treat everyone. Always say, “I will treat others as I would like to be treated.” Pay attention to this statement. You will have cause to use it. Use reason in all walks of life. You want common sense to work with you. Don’t give others a cause to call you a fool. Help others by helping them to help themselves. Treat your stomach like you would like to be treated. Pay attention to your hands. Rub your hands and you will calm your mind. Plan a trip for later on. Be humble, be loyal. Be steadfast. Be Peaceful. Have faith. Learn to trust and obey. Read 16 Chapter of Mark. Burn purple candles, pink incense and use oil of lavender.


Repeat Daily: “I thank God for a calm mind today.”